MCAWW meets regularly with its partners, stakeholders, and Legislators to monitor current bills and anticipated legislation on a wide range of matters affecting our members and industry, including bills regarding the plumbing code, taxes, labor, construction, safety, apprenticeship and public works. 


2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 legislative session concluded on April 28. 


Below is a list of some of the bills we worked on and/or monitored during the 2019 legislative session: 


  • SB 5233 - Sick leave/collective bargaining
  • SB 1817 - High hazard facilities 
  • SB 5235 - Concerning plumbing
  • SB 5418 - Local government procurement 
  • SB 5035 - Prevailing wage
  • SB 5116 - Clean energy 
  • HB 1110 - Greenhouse gas/transportation fuels
  • HB 1521 - Government contracting
  • HB 1295 - Design-build/job order contracting


CPARB/RCW 39.10 Sunset Review 


Sunset review is underway for RCW 39.10, including RCW 39.10.385 ("MCCM").  RCW 39.10 will expire on June 30, 2021 unless reauthorized by the Legislature.


More information about sunset review and the CPARB-appointed sunset review committee can be found here.



Please contact Scott Middleton, General Counsel and Government Affairs Director, if you have any questions.